Blank Feed

The blank feed of the Transfer presses, has a wide range of different solutions depending on the features of the original material and its shape and size.

Arisa offers the following types:

  • Rectangular blanks, direct feed to the press by longitudinal feeding line from the coil, with cutting at the first station of the press.
  • Rectangular blanks, feed of cut and oiled blanks, supplied by feeding line + independent shears + lubrication unit.
  • Rectangular, trapezoidal or diamond-shaper blanks, via feeding line + rotating shears.
  • Irregular blanks, via destacker unit with NC elevator-transfer and automatic stack change. The blanks have been previously cut on another press and conveniently stacked.
  • Circular blanks cut on an auxiliary press incorporated into the Transfer press, in zig-zag or staggered from a transversal line and with direct feed to the bars of the transfer.

All these types of sheet feed are backed up with the necessary equipment for detecting and removing double piece, lubrication, turning over, entry positioning , etc.