Blanking lines

These are installations used for cutting blanks from large coils, ensuring the maximum use of material. These installations are usually equipped with:

  • Feeding line
  • Blanking Press
  • Blank stacking system

The band feeding line is made up of a loading car for the waiting coil, uncoiler with cross movement for loading and centering, straightener, cleaning and lubrication device, control loop, feeder and end-band feeder for the coil ending.

The blanking presses reach speeds up to 90 spm. These presses can have different kind of drive: standard eccentric, a special kinematic Link-Drive for cutting or a servo drive for production increase.

At the press exit and due to the blank production speed, the installation has a transport and blank stacking system on several moving tables for automatic stack changes.

The press can also incorporate accessories such as soundproof system, scrap evacuation systems with chutes, automatic die change, swiveling die with Numerical Control, automatic clamps, and so on.

Nominal forces from 4.000 KN to 12.500 KN