Fast Die Change

To reduce the set-up time for a job, we have seen that the Autoset reduces the “Machine set-up time” component.

The other component is the “Die change time”. In order to reduce this element there are a large number of possible actions:

Fast fitting of the die

To fit small dies weighing less than 1,500 Kg. support balls or rollers are used which make easier die movement by hand. Exterior consoles at the front of the press are used to safely place the die from the forklift truck or travelling crane.

When the die weighs over 1,500 Kg, it is advisable to fit some form of dragging device which motorizes the entry and exit of the die.

For dies weighing over 3,000 Kg, we supply presses with a bed plate which can be moved to the front of the press, jutting out sufficiently to allow the use of a travelling crane for loading the upper dies. Faster change can be achieved using change tools systems such as double moving bolsters or double bed plate with loading car. With these systems there is one bed or bed plate out of the press while the other one is in work position. Therefore, the next die to work with can be clamped and get ready beforehand, and the change operations takes much less time.

Fast die centering

At the customer’s request, Arisa will machine the table for fitting centering bolts or any other centering system of the user, which permits a fast and accurate fitting of dies.

Rapid clamping of the die

The hydraulic clamps allow you to fasten the dies to the base of the press quickly. The machine incorporates dual circuitry and all the safeties so that the system will not release the die in an uncontrolled way.

There are also tilting fixed position clamps, but the use of clamps which slide along the T slots in the bases is more common, as in this way they adjust to the different die sizes.