Multipurpose presses

The multipurpose presses are suited to work with bigger pieces, with moderate drawing operations. These offer a variable range of strokes: form a longer one with higher available energy and lower speed range than a progressive die press which allows the use of the transfer, until a small one, appropriated to work as progressive die press.

The operation of these presses can be done by eccentric kinematic or by link-drive, both with fix or variable stroke.

These presses are usually equipped simultaneously with band feeding lines and electronic transfers. In this way, we can begin the deformation process of the piece with a progressive die and once the piece has been cut out of the strip, to go on with additional operations using the electronic transfer.
Other optional elements for this type of presses are the conveyor belts, automatic die change system, feeder, etc. that can make these installations fully automatic.

Nominal force from 1.600 KN to 30.000 KN

For each piece to be done there are different measures of table – slide and the necessary accessories to make and optimize the productive process.