Presses for progressive dies

They are presses in which starting from a coil, the piece is formed as it advances, drawn by the band itself. The piece is not separated from the band until the last station.

They usually have small strokes and often incorporate a stroke change to achieve high production rates.
Depending on the required tonnage and size of the press, ARISA manufactures these presses in pieces joint together by pre-stressed tie rods or as mono-block presses. Different operations as cutting, bending, stamping etc. have as a result offset efforts, and this type of press is ready to support them appropriately.

The facility will consist of the press itself and a feeding line. Feeding lines can be long or compact version, depending on the material to be worked, required speeds, hall capacity, etc.

Nominal forces from 1.600 KN to 30.000 KN.

There are different tables – slides dimensions and needed accessories to make and optimize the production process for each piece to be manufactured.