Press line

Line of robotized and manual presses

These presses are used for the deformation of blanks with big dimensions. Usually the installation is made up of four or five presses, one placed after the other, joint with shuttles or robots. The starting material is a blank. Usually the first press makes a deep drawing process requiring hydraulic cushions for a good material forming.
ARISA produces independent presses lines, with blanks feeder in the head and robots or shuttles for the inner transport between the presses.

Transfer press line

Sometimes, the total length of the dies is bigger than the maximum size of the table´s press. In these cases Arisa offers, lines of two transfer presses synchronized in speed, with an intertransfer device for intern transport of the pieces, that can work in a simultaneous way in the same piece or independently in different pieces.
The customer, depending on the piece family to be produced, can choose the ideal solution for the minimum cost of the piece and a better distribution of the workload.

Nominal forces in head press, of simple and double effect from 12.500KN to 25.000KN. Presses of the line from 5.000KN to 12.500KN.

For each nominal force there are several measures for the table an slide and the necessary accessories to optimize the productive process.