Servo Presses

In a Servo Press, the slide acts as a numerical control axe. Thus, the slide’s speed is specified and controlled at any time by the machine control, both in terms of its value and direction.Therefore it can be programmed at different speeds in the slide stroke along the cycle. Due to it, an optimization in the position and speed curve is originated for each of the dies ensuring very important productivity increases.

A mechatronic program incorporated to the press’ control optimizes the performance and displays the maximum production speed with the parameters chosen freely by the user.

This program is also responsible for the “Energy Management”, which controls the energy buffer of the press and optimizes it to obtain the maximum productivity. The basis for this system is the energy storage caused by the slide deceleration when reaching the working area, and the use of it to accelerate the slide during the upward curve. Energy storage is done by high inertia motors.

The safety of the press is guaranteed by the same numerical control and by external safety hydraulic brakes.

Nominal forces from 1.600 KN to 30.000 KN.

There are different tables – slides dimensions and needed accessories to make and optimize the production process for each piece to be manufactured.

Let’s check our Servopress 20.000 KN video!