Special systems

Cold-work production processes repeatedly require other accessories to ensure the material is deformed correctly, optimum the use of the material, the transferring of large formats, special forming processes, etc. All these accessories used in press installations can be provided by ARISA, either by own manufacturing or provided by top level suppliers.

Among these accessories we can highlight:

  • Pneumatic cushions for perfect material deformation. ARISA can offer, within its production program, pneumatic cushions from 25 tn. to 300 tn. Equipped with height adjustment, lower retention, regulation of pressure to be exerted and damping during the advance stroke based on the needs required by the process and the customer.
  • Hydraulic cushions: The range of force of these cushions varies from a minimum force of 5tn. in small cushions that act as ejectors up to 400tn. for cushions of large tonnage presses. These cushions are characterised for having programmable pre-acceleration for the cushion’s downstroke to avoid major impacts between the upper and lower parts of the die, which cause heavy loads and vibrations. These cushions also have a regulator of the force to be exerted, which is programmable throughout the stroke, to control the ascent, height adjustment etc. They are driven by servo valves controlled via numerical control.
    Hydraulic cushions
  • Cutting systems for formats, such as shears, oscillating dies, cropping shears, etc.Cutting systems for formats
  • Embossing lines to obtain the embossed material required in numerous parts in the automobile industry.Embossing lines
  • Robot systems for stacking, unstacking or transferring. When the complexity of the formats or workpieces is high, ARISA develops an application for each occasion using robots to meet the needs of the process. It can be for unstacking of formats on press lines, or for transferring formats between presses, or for stacking parts once they leave the press.
  • Microinches systems for testing dies, robotisation of feeds, special systems for integration of impact dampers…

For every need you have, we will find the best solution to improve the process and a clear objective, to obtain secure systems with maximum productivity.