Strip End Solution and Conveyor Belts

The set of magnetic conveyor belts will also be used for the following operations:

  1. Telescopic belt support to work with band feeding line, to guarantee the stop accuracy.
  2. Strip end solution, to take advantage of existing belt range between the feed system and the die. The distance between the feeding system and the die can be 3-4 m, so it is very important to equip the machine with a system to feed this end of belt automatically without operator intervention.


  • Motorisation of magnetic conveyor belts: by Numerical Control motor, the motor controls the advances to make, and these advances can be made automatically or manually maintained control of the advance made. The motorisation of the conveyor belts when working with feeding lines, will be synchronised with the advance feed movement, to guarantee the adequate precision of the feeder.
  • Telescopic movement of the conveyor belt in the direction of the table centre to eliminate the possible intermediate station to be placed before the first die in the upright area. This movement is motorised. With this movement the installation of part positioning limits will not be necessary. It will act as band support up to the die when working with feeding line.
  • A set of rollers with pneumatic elevation allows the sheet to be separated from the magnetic conveyor belts and thus allow the belt to be driven.
  • Manual and independent sideways movement of the magnetic conveyor belts, with locking in automatic position.
  • Motorised vertical movement. This movement will allow us to vary the band height or the transport of the formats. Control by display rule.