Strip Feed

Arisa offers a wide range of feeder lines depending on the characteristics of the material, weight of the coil, width, thickness, advance by stroke, and flatness desired.

To simplify, it could be given the following general criteria:

  • Long lines are recommended with thicknesses up to 5 mm. Above 5 mm, problems with band head introduction as well as difficulties to have a loop force to use a short or compact line.
  • If the material to work with is one that could be marked by the rollers such as stainless steel, aluminium or prelacquered material, it is completely necessary to work with long loop version. So that the straigthener works continuously and the cyclic roller feeder makes the forward moves.

The line’s parameters are typically programmed from the press.

ARISA also provides roller or spraying belt lubrication systems, depending on the customer’s needs.