Transfer press

The transfer presses are used for the manufacture of large amount of pieces, in which, due to their complexity, type of drawing, raw material waste, etc… it is not recommended or possible to use progressive dies, being also necessary the usage of an item called transfer to transport the parts between the different die stations.
In the transfer presses all operations are performed in successive operations to obtain a piece from a metal sheet blank which is cut in the first operation or which has been previously cut.


The normal motion of the eccentric is modified in the kinematics of articulated links to achieve a low speed of the slide while forming, with a faster speed in the rest of the cycle. This system allows improving the performance of mechanical presses resulting on a better deformation of the piece. Generally speaking, in a press with “link-drive” kinematic, a higher production than in a normal eccentric press will be obtained.

Nominal forces from 1.600 KN to 30.000 KN.

There are different tables – slides dimensions and needed accessories to make and optimize the production process for each piece to be manufactured.