The flexibility provided by new digital electronic technology has made the use of electronic transfers more generalised. The mechanical transfer devices have been relegated to use with small pieces for mass production.


  • Advance, opening and raising fully programmable in length of run and angles, so as to use different sizes and numbers of dies.
  • Monitoring of the press functioning as if it was a mechanical cam-operated transfer, with the possibility of programming movements according to 3rd and 5th degree curves, as desired.
  • Totally independent movement from that of the press and with variable speed, even with the press at rest, so as to be able to check the performance of the clamps, sensors, centring devices, etc.
  • Automatic bar change.
  • Easy programming of each movement by setting the initial and final positions and the programming angle. The calculation program will establish the curves of the corresponding movements.
  • Program memory for each piece.