Research and Development: “Without Innovation, there is no future”

Ever since it was set up, Arisa has offered mechanical presses and their main accessories using our own technology. The first patent on clutch-brake mechanisms and stroke change were registered in 1957. Nowadays we keep having the focus on any kind of improvement.

At present, the Arisa R&D team includes specialists in mechanics, hydraulics and automation areas.
In the mechanical part, there is a close collaboration with Mechanical Engineering Department of the Engineering School of La Rioja University for the carrying out calculations for the press command mechanisms: “Kinematic Synthesis” and “Dynamic Synthesis”.

The Automation unit has effectively contributed to the modernisation of the Arisa product range, designing various levels of easy-to-use autoset systems, which reduce set-up and die-change times, avoid possible operator errors and offer a diagnosis of malfunctions,, and also, remote assistance via modem from the Arisa Technical Service Center. In automation and hydraulic projects, we usually collaborate with the main European firms in order to develop solutions for any case.

The projects developed by the R&D team have been incorporated into machines manufactured by Arisa, introducing several important technical and functional improvements in our machines.
Arisa continues to strengthen their R&D units with new equipment, increasing the staff number and improving the technical level of all their components.