15 febrero, 2019

Nidec Press & Automation incorporates the German company SYS (Systeme and Steuerungen) and its subsidiary DPA (Die Peripherie Anlagen). Founded in 1994, it is located in Grafenau (Germany), its general director is Wolfgang Biewald and currently has 120 workers.

As the fifth company in the group, it is specialized in the production of high-speed automation systems for metal shaping. Some of its most outstanding products are the production of servo feeders of high speed, feeding systems, integrated controls and monitoring software. In addition, its technical service is specialized in retrofittings and upgrade of high-speed equipment.

The companies that make up the rest of Nidec Press & Automation division are: Minster in USA, Kyori in Japan, Vamco in USA and Arisa in Spain. Each of them specializes in a field and, in addition, with all of them the group offers a complete technical service throughout the world.

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